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Sunrise Alarm Clocks on Sale

About Sunrise Alarm Clocks & Dawn Simulators

Alarm clocks have been helping us arise every morning in time for work, school, or just to begin our day. However, most alarm clocks are annoying and wake us up by startling us, which is not a great way to start our mornings. Nothing says "good morning" better than a sunrise alarm clock! There is no reason to be jolted suddenly out of a deep sleep by the shrill alarm of an average alarm clock. The sunrise alarm slowly increases in brightness, giving the effect of a soothing sunrise. This quality sleep alarm machine is perfect for those who aren't able to arise from the beauty of a real sunrise. Experts agree that using a sunrise alarm clock or dawn simulator improves mood, energy, productivity and quality of sleep and awakening. A sunrise alarm clock or bodyclock can significantly reduce the severity of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) symptoms. Many SAD sufferers use one as well as a light box to suppliment their treatment.

With the alarms clocks at Sleep Well Baby you are sure to love the morning as you will be awaken in calm and soothing manner with such alarm clocks as the BioBrite Sunrise Alarm Clock. You will be awaken by a light slowly and gradually over a 30 minute time period just as the sun awakens the earth. Light therapy has been proven to aid in better sleep for children as well as adults. The Biobrite Sunrise Clock Junior will help your children sleep better as the light gently fades away just as the sun tells the earth it is time to sleep, this alarm clock will simulate the light of the sun telling your little ones bodies it is time to relax and end their day. The opposite occurs when it is time to awaken and begin their day.Finally, at the time you should be getting out of bed your room will be illuminated. This gives your body a natural way in which to awaken instead of being startled awake. The BioBrite Sunrise Alarm clock is also great for helping to wake kids up in the morning before school. Sunrise clocks are the best way to get your body back to nature and give your body the soothing transitional experience.

If you prefer a sound to wake you up in the morning, you will enjoy the soft gentle chime of the Now and Zen Gentle Chime Alarm Clock. The gentle sound will awaken you instead of a loud and annoying alarm clock with all its startling noise. Our chime alarm clocks enable you to awaken to progressive chimes for a soothing, enjoyable way to rise in the morning. With our alarm clocks, your body will be able to go to sleep and awaken naturally while enjoying a better night’s sleep.

Dorm rooms, bedrooms and even rooms that don't have windows are perfect places to include the sunrise alarm clock. Are you someone who works the graveyard shift or has to wake up early before the sun has a chance to rise? What better way to give your body the natural satisfaction of waking up to the bright, radiant light of the rising sun. If you don't already own one of these amazing sunrise alarm clocks, then what are you waiting for? The sunrise alarm clock makes a great gift for college students and we are confident that it will make your mornings much brighter!