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Is White Noise Safe for Babies?

White noise has a large number of benefits and applications as sleeping, relaxation, concentration aid, snoring solution, and mind developer, but when it comes to babies, white noise may raise eyebrows with skepticism and concern wondering how safe this solution can be for young children.

Even though researchers have found that white noise is absolutely safe for anyone, including babies and infants since it is simply designed to block unfriendly noises and harsh sounds that prevent the baby from sleeping well.

White noise also contributes to keeping your baby relaxed, hence it is commonly used to stop babies from crying and contributes to creating a comforting and safe environment in which unwanted sounds are blocked by white noise that can also be expressly designed to recreate an atmosphere that each baby can associate differently, including womb and soothing noises they are familiar to them.

White noise machines today are designed especially for babies and have been proven to help with colicky babies as well as help with babies sleeping the night. Since a white noise machine, actually only absorbs sounds and emits a different sound, there is no harm to babies, children, or adults.

Talking to your pediatrician, however, can resolve any health concern since some adult patients with health conditions or prone to tachycardia with certain brain stimulus can benefit with a white noise machines. The white noise is safe because it is simply a noise covering the full range of pitches, which are audible by a human ear, so there is no brain interaction, just a sound masking solution.

Moreover, because white noise is just a series of continuous pitch frequencies, there will be no harm for the baby or any modifications in his mental patterns, as the noise lacks all distinguishing features that could be considered harmful, as it is impossible that the brain can obtain any information resulting from a white noise machine or any other generator.

In fact, the brain ignores white noise that is why it is a great solution fading unwanted or unpleasant noises because using all he audible frequencies those sounds are blended with white noise and then ignored. When a sound is ignored it cannot disturb your baby, thus far from being harmful, a white noise machine is one of the best solutions that parents can find for helping their little one receive a peaceful nights sleep.

Incidentally, several studies have revealed that white noise does not only contribute with baby sleeping, but also is also helpful for colic relief and other health and behavioral problems in early childhood.

According to the book "Complete Book of Pregnancy & Baby's First Year" published by Mayo Clinic, white noise is not a rocket science topic and you can get your baby to sleep well and have a relaxed day just by playing monotonous sounds such as the ocean waves or the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

Best results are achieved with expressly designed white noise machines, created with smooth and steady sounds flowing naturally to keep your baby calm and sleeping well.

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