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The thrill of hearing your unborn baby

You know how exciting it is to go to the doctor and hear your unborn baby’s heartbeat. Now you can bring that joy home.
With the BébéSounds® Prenatal Heart Listener™ you can hear the sounds of your unborn baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups as early as the fifth month. Some mothers have reported hearing it even earlier.

Your baby baby’s father and siblings will feel closers to their baby

Because you generally visit your doctor by yourself, your baby’s father and siblings don’t get to listen to her heartbeat. Now they can share this excitement with you right at home.

How to identify the sounds

Your baby’s heart beats much more rapidly than your own. It actually sounds like a rapidly galloping horse. Her hiccups will sound like two rapid thumps that you will hear intermittently because she does not always have the hiccups. And her kicks will sound like a thud that will get louder as she gets older and stronger. You will also hear a whooshing sound in the background. This is the sound of the nutrients passing through the placenta to your baby.

The best time to listen to your baby

The best time to hear your baby is in the evening and a couple of hours after you have eaten. This will give you a chance to digest your food so your own body sounds will not be so loud. This is also usually the time when your baby is most active.

How to find your baby baby’s heartbeat

You will be able to judge where your baby is from where she is kicking. Make sure you are in a quiet room and you are placing the Monitor on bare skin. Start by placing the Monitor about 2 inches below your belly button and a little to the right. Your baby is very small so move it very slightly as you try to locate her. You will hear her heartbeat best when her back is against your stomach. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear her, she may simply have changed positions. As your baby gets older her heartbeat gets stronger and will be easier to find so please have patience.

Record these sounds to have forever

The BébéSounds® Prenatal Heart Listener™ comes with a recording cable for you to use with your own tape recorder so you
can save these sounds forever.

Record your own heartbeat

A newborn baby is accustomed to constantly hearing the sound of her mother’s heartbeat. Use our recording cable to record your own heartbeat to calm and soothe her after she is born.

The BébéSounds Sounds® Prenatal Heart Listener ™ is perfectly safe.

The Prenatal Heart Listener™ was invented by a neonatal nurse. It is completely non-intrusive and is perfectly safe for you and your baby.

Your baby baby’s heartbeat will sound different than it does in your doctor doctor’s office

Your doctor uses Doppler technology which turns motion into electronic sound. The Prenatal Heart Listener™ uses the bell
stethoscope method of amplification so what you hear are the natural sounds of your baby. And remember, patience will help
you hear your unborn baby’s sounds.

“I am an RN, and I would recommend this to everyone expecting. My
whole family has been listening to our new addition.”

- Cathy M., Superior, WI

“Listening to my baby’s heart and other movements are the best gifts an
expectant mother can have.”

- Bartavia H., Abbeville, SC

Enjoy Listening and Bonding with Your Unborn Baby