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Light therapy has been proven to aid in relaxing our bodies much like in nature the sun awakens and slowly sets to give all things in nature the time to adjust to the specific time of day. When the sun rises, it does not do so quickly and starling, it slowly rises giving birth to the day and sets in the same manner. This allows our body time to adjust to either daytime hours or nighttime hours the time for rest.

Our light therapy products aid in creating the same process indoors. Turning off the lights at night and heading off to bed may not be the best way in which to get a good nights sleep. You go from bright lights in the living room to a totally dark room in which to sleep, you did not allow your body time to adjust to the difference.

Our most popular light therapy products include the Verilux Light Products, Verilux Happy Light, BioBrite Sunrise Alarm Clock, EZ Wake SunRise Clock, BioBrite Sunrise Alarm Clock –white noise machine, BioBrite SunRise Clock Radio, and the BioBrite Delux Light Visor.

Features of the BioBrite Sunrise Alarm Clock include brightness controls, automatic night light that fades to 10 percent instead of total darkness. Instead of a loud startling sound, the Sunrise Alarm clock will gently awaken you with a simulated sunrise over a 30-minute time period giving you a more nature awaken experience.

No matter, which light therapy product you choose you will ensure your family has a wonderful experience drifting off to sleep and awakening the next morning with the simulated sunrise and sunset found in nature.