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White Noise Machine-SleepMate 980A
Dohm-DS (also known as Sleepmate or Soundscreen)

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(formerly known as Sleepmate 980A or Soundscreen 980A)

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The SleepMate 980A and Sound Screen 980A white noise machine by Marpac creates the consistent, smooth sound of rushing air to help control unwanted intermittent or continuous noise, such as traffic, nearby conversation, snoring, or a ticking clock, so you and your little ones can sleep better. Experts recommend using a white noise machine to calm crying and colicky babies as well. Also helpful during the day to mask distracting noise for anyone requiring concentration or relaxation, or to add noise to an area that may otherwise be too quiet. Individuals with tinnitus often find that a competing sound at a constant low level, such as white noise, may mask the tinnitus and make it less noticeable.

With a Dohm-DS white noise machine, you will no longer have to whisper and tiptoe around when your child is sleeping! Also useful when siblings share rooms or have different bedtime schedules. This white noise machine can be placed inside the bedroom, or outside the bedroom door to provide generalized white noise in the quiet sleeping area. The Dohm-DS is also useful for office privacy and sound masking. If you do not want someone to hear conversations inside a room, you should place the Dohm-DS unit directly outside the room so people will only hear the white noise, not the conversation. White noise machines have also been effective for cubicle privacy, especially when speech privacy is needed.

Witha a Dohm-DS, the sound is fully adjustable for tone and volume and has two frequency levels for broader range. The tone and volume of this sound machine are controlled by simply rotating the "cap" and "collar" of the housing. This "white noise" sound effectively masks unwanted noises and creates a sense of calm, making it easier to concentrate, relax and/or sleep. The dual speed Dohm-DS offers a greater range of tone and volume than the single speed Dohm-SS. To help you decide whether you should purchase the Dohm-DS or Dohm-SS white noise machine, read this helpful article about the Units. People often ask if white noise machines are loud. Our white noise machines are very safe and will not cause hearing loss in babies, childrens or adults. The Dohm-DS operates at 60 dB, the same volume as normal conversation. White noise machines can help everyone sleep better including babies, children and adults. They are recommended by doctors and sleep professionals.

Since this model includes a lower and higher setting, we recommend the Dohm-DS for sound masking in both large and small rooms. The single speed Dohm-SS provides the same volume as the loudest setting on the Dohm-DS. Browse our natural sound machines as well, which provide even greater sound masking capabilities as well as soothing natural sounds.

  • Electro-Mechanical Durability
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Patented Housing Design
  • Lightweight; Fog White color
  • Economical
  • Dual Speed
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • SIZE: 5 3/4" base diameter: 3 1/4" high
  • WEIGHT: 1.6 pounds
  • VOLTS: 50-60 Hz; 20 Watts
  • ELECTRICAL: Normal Household Current
  • POWER CORD: 8 feet long
  • MATERIAL: ABS Plastic
  • COLOR: Fog White
  • STANDARDS: UL Listed-U.S. & Canada

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